Re-useable Hemp wipes are durable and environmentally friendly and they wash up beautifully with the diapers.


Natural fibre products should be washed on hot and dried in the dryer three to four times before they are washed with other diapering items that contain fleece (pockets and AIOs). They will become more absorbent after a few more washes.



- soft, reusable and absorbent

- natural way to cleanse your baby at each diaper change

- use these wipes with plain water or with a gentle cleansing solution (Punkit Butt has a great solution, sold here)

- store soiled wipes in diaper pail and wash with diapers

- can also be used as a facecloth

- sold in a pack of 12


Fabric: 55/45 Hemp/Organic Cotton

Size: 6.5" x 8"

AMP Reusable Hemp Cloth Wipes

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