Ellie Ears is a positional support pillow, hand-made in Canada and is a safe and trusted product used and recommended by doctors and chiropractors. Providing positional support for babe’s head, neck and spine, these one size fits all pillows are comfortable and cute for newborn babes to preschoolers. With the unique design of Ellie Ears, parents no longer have to rely on rolled towels or blankets for positional support. The thin 100% cotton fabric that connects the “ears” rests in the natural empty space behind the neck, without attaching to any restraint mechanisms or pushing babe’s head forward.

Not only do Ellie Ears frame babe’s head, providing head support and correct cervical alignment when in an upright position, they help prevent babe’s head from gravitating towards one position. The pillow helps prevent “head tilting” and “flat spots” that can occur when babe favours resting their head in one position.

Ellie Ears are multipurpose and can be used for the following:

  • Head support
  • Side lying/sleeping (with supervision)
  • Supported seating
  • Travel pillow
  • Noise reduction


  • Outer: 100% Cotton Fabric; stuffing 100% polyester fil
  • Cold Wash and Tumble Dry - Easy Peasy!
  • Made in Calgary, Alberta



Once your little one is settled in their seat in an upright position simply slide the bar between the two Ears behind their neck, with the long part of the Ears resting on their shoulders. Give the bottom of the Ears a tug to pull them snug and you are good to go! Toddlers can use them on their own as well.

Important: Car seat manufacturers make recommendations regarding "after market products", please inform yourself of same.

Ellie Ears

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