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Amy Wild, Animal Talker

Amy Wild has a secret – she can talk to animals! She and her best friends – a dog, a parrot and four squabbling cats – love to help out creatures in need. So when the cats complain that their food is going missing, Amy’s determined to solve the mystery to stop poor Bun the baker’s cat getting the blame. Can she find out who the greedy thief is? Welcome to the world of Amy Wild, where dogs tell their secrets, cats perform rescue missions, and an entire island is squeaking and squawking with animal magic and adventures to dive into!

Age 7+
Type of cover Paperback
Length in Pages 112 pages
Physical size of the book 198 x 130mm
Illustrations By Sofia Cardoso
Series Amy Wild, Animal Talker

Amy Wild And The Quarreling Cats

C$10.95 Regular Price
C$9.31Sale Price
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