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This is a magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create lines. Erases with the tip of a finger.


Available in 4 options:

1) A-Z Upper Case Magnatab

- Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows.


2) a-z Lower Case Magnatab

- Learning to write the curves of the lowercase alphabet just got a bit easier, as kids follow the directional arrows and trace each letter.


3) 0-9 Numbers Magnatab

- Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons.


4) Red Free Play Magnatab

- Let the magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper.

Use your imagination to draw shapes, letters and pictures, popping individual beads to the surface.


Check out the You Tube Video, click HERE!


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